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Monday morning called. Your schedule is filled with qualified interviews.

Reclaim >75% of your week spent on repetitive tasks like screening, scheduling, and note taking. Spend time reviewing insights to build a more robust hiring funnel.

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We save you tons of time while surfacing more insights to convert your candidates.

Let AI handle the hassle of hiring at scale so you can focus on building a great team

Meet hiring goals by screening at scale and keeping conversations moving

Save hours of work per open position while reducing applicant drop-off and no-shows. Automatically vet and schedule your applicants, while answering their questions along the way with our automated AI co-pilot.

Forget about note-taking and data capture in your remote interview

After screening and scheduling your job candidates, our AI-pilot joins your Zoom, Teams and Google Meeting interviews, taking notes, generating follow-up emails and syncing everything back into your ATS.

Turn all your candidate interactions into strategic insights

You can’t change what you don’t measure. Surface advanced analytics through all your candidate conversations - via chatbot, sms and even Humanly conversations. Learn how to improve candidate experience, conversion and offer acceptance rate.

Turn conversations into ATS scorecards automatically

Quit wasting time moving data between tools and pipe pertinent facts directly to ATS scorecards from live conversations.

Hiring at scale with Moss Adams

candidate rating of interview process
of candidates engaged after business hours
recruiter hours saved per month helps Moss Adams level up the experience for our candidates and increases productivity for our recruiting team by automating processes that give us back valuable time. The integration with our ATS was also key to success in our partnership.”

Silke Olsen

Associate Director of Talent Acquisition, Moss Adams

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