Future of hiring

Is your hiring AI for or against people?

AI and LLM’s are eating the world. But there are good and bad ways to harness the next wave of conversational computing. Here's how Humanly makes every hiring conversation meaningful and supports audacious hiring goals by putting humans at their center.


Perpetuates bias at scale
Perpetuates falsehoods
Lacking privacy protections
Displaces rather than augments

Talent is finite, and your only sustainable advantage. Why wouldn't talent acquisition proceed from first principles? 

"Jobs to be done" in Talent Acquisition

Recruiter & manager time spent on repetitive tasks
Orgs very dissatisfied with speed of hiring process
Orgs note screening / assessment tools as top automatable step
Removing administrative steps lets orgs focus on human-centered tasks and ouctomes.

Many TA teams face the conundrum that the quality of applicant experience matters even more when pursuing scaled hiring goals.

The levers organizations can pull to support quality engagements throughout the hiring pipeline include (1) reducing busywork on the part of recruiters and applicants, (2) maximizing the quality of experience and insight from shorter hiring funnels, and (3) surfacing insights on what is and isn't working in the pipeline.


Augments low performers to increase org efficiency
Raises quality of outputs in tasks humans aren't good at anyway
Aids in human learning through rapid insight generation
Minimizes risk with explainability and guardrails

AI-the-right-way fades into the background once implemented, extending human potential and doing tasks that humans don’t want to do in the first place, better. Conversational AI with guard rails, explainability, and grounding in facts builds human connections, promotes clarity, and minimizes risk.

Humanly believes responsible AI use within hiring can be both equitable as well as efficient, helping HR, hiring teams, and candidates to live up to their potential using conversational AI.

Definitions of AI-the-right way include: 

Human-centered AI is a team sport

Humanly builds our products using Microsoft's responsible AI Framework which prioritizes individual rights, privacy, non-discrimination, and non-manipulation.

Sign up for a free 30-minute consult with Humanly and Microsoft Senior Director for the AI Center of Excellence Rajamma Krishnamurthy to sketch out what responsible AI strategy for your HR and TA departments looks like here.

Part of New York University, the AI Now Institute produces interdisciplinary research to “measure and understand the effects of AI in society; work with those directly impacted by the use of AI to shape standards and practices that mitigate harm and inform just AI deployment; and help shape a rigorous and inclusive field focused on these issues.”

Humanly CEO Prem Kumar stays involved with the AINow community through commitments like guest lecturing at NYU on AI use in HR settings.

Data & Society, a non-profit research organization, is committed to the notion that “empirical evidence should directly inform the development and governance of new technology.”

Humanly actively incorporates Data & Society's findings and recommendations into our product design.

We've been named one of the top 260 responsible AI enablement companies by the Ethical AI Database, a research organization that works extensively with EAIGG and BGV to monitor the space. Read more in their bi-annual report.

Building an equitable future with Humanly's hiring AI

Connect your hiring data pipeline
Gather more voice-driven touchpoints for AI
Efficient two-way comms at scale
Better visualization of insights

H2 '23 roadmap focus areas

Everything Humanly builds is centered on the aim of helping organizations to hire at scale easier, faster, and more equitably.

We do this through our AI onboarding chatbot that can field initial screening, scheduling, and answer questions for applicants 24/7. Our NLP-based Voice product turns every hiring conversation into strategic insights.  And a host of integrations to user workTech tools, help organizations engage applicants faster and in a more informed way. Built in bias protections and the highest level of attention to responsible AI use ensures human needs are placed at the center of efficiency gains.

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