Empowering Efficient and Equitable Hiring Experiences

Welcome to Humanly's partner ecosystem, let’s co-create together! We empower equitable, empathetic and brand-forward experiences, leveraging conversational AI to automate low value, time-consuming recruiting tasks. This enables recruiting teams to spend time where it’s needed most, putting the best foot forward with qualified talent.


Why Humanly?

Humanly's stance on AI and integrations is not just about leveraging technology for competitive advantage; but also about doing so in a way that upholds fundamental values of fairness, safety, security, transparency, and accountability.

This approach extends to our partner ecosystem with our solutions integrated seamlessly with almost any third-party tech in the recruiting space. Optimize your processes, maximize value from existing systems and extend your solution’s outcomes, leveraging our ecosystem.

Why Partner With Humanly?

Innovative Solutions

Improve win rates by including Humanly as an extension of your solution offerings. Deliver stronger outcomes and actionable insights driving continuous improvement.

Customer Retention

Create new value for your customer base by offering Humanly to extend your solution, maximize your relationship and achieving new levels of success.

Growth Opportunities

Build a new revenue stream for your business by expanding your market reach and leveraging Humanly as a competitive advantage for growth.

Why Customers Love Humanly

Ethical AI Manifesto

Humanly believes responsible AI within hiring can be equitable and efficient, helping HR teams and candidates live up to their potential via conversational AI.

Audited frameworks extend human potential, doing tasks that humans don’t want to do in the first place, with better consistency, while eliminating bias. Conversational AI with guard rails, explainability, and grounded in facts facilitates human connections, promotes clarity, and minimizes risk.

Increased Recruiter Efficiency

Automate over 70% of high-volume recruitment tasks, resulting in faster hiring and lower costs.

Best in Class Candidate Experiences

Remove friction from the application process, amplify your employer brand and reduce candidate drop-off.

Data-Driven Insights

Improve the recruiting process with data backed insights and measure various aspects of the candidate journey to understand candidate sentiment.

Join our Mission

Keep the conversation going. This is the way.

Strategic partners

Strategic Referral Partners are our trusted advisors. They recommend Humanly knowing that our responsible AI-driven solutions will deliver exceptional value and equitable experiences, while unlocking new opportunities to drive growth and outcomes.


  • Referral commissions
  • Joint marketing opportunities
  • Access to advanced analytics for holistic insights

Featured strategic partners

ATS/HCM Integration Partners

Our ATS/HCM Technology Partners integrate Humanly's platform into their systems, providing a seamless experience from talent sourcing to hire. This partnership is designed for Applicant Tracking and Human Capital Management systems looking to enrich their tech stack with AI capabilities.


  • Seamless integrate with Humanly's API
  • Co-branded solutions
  • Enhanced product offerings for solution extensibility

Featured integration partners

Channel Partners

Channel Partners grow with us by reselling Humanly’s solutions to complement and extend their offerings. Expand your portfolio and offer your clients a best in class AI co-pilot for recruiting as part of your comprehensive deliverable solution to broaden market reach, improve win rates and maximize outcomes.


  • Seamless integrate with Humanly's API
  • Co-branded solutions
  • Enhanced product offerings for solution extensibility

Featured channel partners

“Humanly Voice is proving to be an instrumental recruiting team player. Across the candidate-to-employee lifecycle, we anticipate Humanly Voice to deliver the insights for us to be more prescriptive in attracting, developing, motivating, and retaining talent.”

Jenalyn Miller

HR Director, Gravity Payments

“In the midst of the toughest employment climate, Humanly.io helped our corporate restaurant managers to engage faster with candidates than the competition.”


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