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Powerful Features to Streamline and Optimize Your Recruitment Process

Streamline hiring to source, attract, screen, schedule, and convert candidates, at scale. Discover our AI-powered end-to-end recruiting powerhouse.

How it works

Screen with Efficiency and Precision

Move the right candidates down the pipeline, even while you sleep.

Engage in 2-way conversations with every candidate

Our conversational AI chatbots ensure every candidate experiences a meaningful 2-way conversation while being efficiently screened in or out. Keep your employer brand front and center with custom branding, and engage candidates anytime, day or night.

Elevate your conversations

Pre-Screen and Fast-Track Top Talent

Pre-screen candidates with our conversational AI chatbots to quickly identify and fast-track the most qualified talent. Eliminate hours of manual work by automatically disqualifying candidates who are not a good fit. This reduces your time-to-hire and ensures your time is spent focusing on the best candidates right from the start.

Reduce your time-to-hire

Seamless ATS Integration, set-up in days

Trigger ATS actions, such as disqualifying an unqualified candidate, based on screening rules at scale. This seamless integration can be set-up in as little as a few days, ensuring your hiring process remains uninterrupted while being efficient and streamlined.

Start saving time

Consistent Candidate Engagement

Maintain consistent engagement with every candidate through personalized, automated conversations. This approach not only screens candidates effectively but also keeps them engaged and informed throughout the process.

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Reduction in time to hire


Average candidate rating for Humanly

Humanly helps Moss Adams level up the experience for our candidates and increases productivity for our recruiting team by automating processes that give us back valuable time. The integration with our ATS was also key to success in our partnership.”

Silke Olsen

Recruiting Director

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