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Dream of posting a job and having qualified candidates scheduled in days? Discover our AI-powered recruiting solutions to source, attract, screen, schedule, and convert candidates, at scale. Loved by candidates and recruiting teams.

Humanly acquires Teamable

Introducing an AI-first end-to-end recruiting powerhouse

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Humanly Platform for Recruiting Efficiency

Streamline hiring at scale. Discover our AI-powered end-to-end recruiting powerhouse.

Product Features

Get better hiring outcomes

Let AI automate repeat tasks at scale so you can focus on building a great team.

Hire faster; working smarter, not harder

Our AI-first recruiting platform augments your existing processes with user-friendly interfaces built for non-technical users. Our comprehensive tools are built to keep your recruiting team in the driving seat, while improving recruiting metrics with the power of AI and automation. 

The results; better hiring outcomes and experiences for recruiters and candidates. Some of our customers experienced as much as a 74% reduction in time to hire.

Maximize recruiting efficiency

Humanly saves recruiters up to 75% of their time on repetitive tasks, enhancing the candidate and recruiter experience. Our advanced technology automates sourcing, screening, scheduling, and engagement, allowing your team to focus on top talent.

Seamlessly integrating with your ATS, our platform streamlines hiring and boosts efficiency. Leverage powerful analytics to gain actionable insights and drive better hiring outcomes. Experience AI-powered recruitment for smarter, faster hiring decisions.

Enhance candidate experience

Engage every candidate in a 2-way conversation at scale with Humanly's AI technology. Automate pre-screening, personalized messages, interview reminders and more, consolidating all candidate data in one place.

Elevate your recruitment efforts with instant responses and brand-forward chatbots, freeing your team to focus on strategic tasks and building a great team.We maintain an average candidate rating of 4.7/5 across millions of candidate interactions

AI the right-way

AI-the-right-way fades into the background once implemented, extending human potential and doing tasks that humans don’t want to do in the first place, better. Conversational AI with guard rails, explainability, and grounding in facts builds human connections, promotes clarity, and minimizes risk.

At Humanly, we believe responsible AI use within hiring can be both equitable as well as efficient. We are regularly audited by 3rd parties to set the gold standard on ethical AI for recruiting.

Humanly helps Moss Adams level up the experience for our candidates and increases productivity for our recruiting team by automating processes that give us back valuable time. The integration with our ATS was also key to success in our partnership.”

Silke Olsen

Recruiting Director

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