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The challenge
The outcome

TheKey provides frontline concierge-based medical support, a field with traditionally high turnover and stringent requirements around hires. Traditional methods simply weren't cutting it any more. Applications took too long, the team didn't have the data they needed to make informed changes, and key hiring results were lagging.

TheKey doubled conversion rate, dropped time to apply by 10x, and found themselves in a wealth of insights they could easily pipe to their ecosystem of hiring tools.

A story we've all heard

In today's saturated job market, businesses face challenges in identifying the ideal candidates for their open positions. TheKey, a provider of concierge-based care services, aims to enhance the lives of their clients by enabling them to age gracefully and safely at home. However, traditional recruitment methods and applicant tracking systems were proving inefficient in finding the right talent. Moreover, the lengthy application process discouraged potential candidates from applying. To overcome these obstacles, TheKey sought an innovative solution that would streamline their recruitment process and deliver a personalized candidate experience.

Expanding reach of TA

Craig Fisher, a seasoned recruitment leader at TalentNet used his more than 15+ years of recruiting experience to identify a unique synergy between the product and the primary use case TheKey was looking to solve for.

Humanly, an innovative recruitment automation platform powered by AI chatbots, emerged as the solution to TheKey's hiring struggles. Introduced to Humanly by Craig, TheKey's primary stakeholder, Sky Cross, quickly recognized the potential of this cutting-edge technology. The platform allowed TheKey to create multiple functions beyond a traditional application, providing flexibility and customization options to meet their specific hiring needs.

Humanly's AI-powered chatbots revolutionized the candidate experience by engaging with job applicants in a personalized and efficient manner. Beyond enhancing candidate experience, Humanly's platform generated valuable data on the recruitment process. This data empowered TheKey to make data-driven decisions, optimize their hiring strategies, and continuously improve the recruitment process.

These valuable additions allowed Sky and her team a chance to collaborate with other vendors due to the easy-to-create landing pages with built-in tracking provided by Humanly, expanding their network and sourcing options.

💡 The success of TheKey with Humanly showcases the immense potential of AI in revolutionizing recruitment practices. It emphasizes the importance of continuous innovation in attracting and retaining top talent.

The proof is in the pudding

TheKey witnessed remarkable results after integrating Humanly into its recruitment process.

Their conversion to hire rate skyrocketed from 1.7%—when relying solely on a popular global job board —to an impressive 3.5% with Humanly. The process reduced the average application time from 30 minutes to just 3 minutes, making it easier for candidates to apply and enhancing their overall experience.

This significant increase meant that TheKey could efficiently hire more suitable candidates in less time, resulting in substantial cost and time savings during the recruitment process.

TheKey proved to be an exceptional partner throughout the journey, demonstrating meticulous attention to implementation and creative problem-solving during optimization. The collaboration between TheKey and Humanly was instrumental in the thriving success of their partnership." - B.J. Shannon, Chief Customer Officer at Humanly

Humanly's AI-powered chatbot not only increased TheKey's conversion-to-hire rate but also garnered outstanding feedback from job applicants. With an impressive average candidate ranking of 4.58 out of 5, the majority of users were thrilled with the personalized and efficient experience provided by the innovative chatbot technology.

The partner-like relationship cultivated between TheKey and Humanly further solidified the success of their collaboration, with TheKey feeling valued and not just a number. This aspect resonated with Sky Cross, who highlighted it as a potential selling point.

Integrations should enable, not stall

One of the primary drivers of success for TheKey in implementing Humanly was the seamless integration process. Unlike lengthy and complex implementations that often take months, Humanly could be easily implemented into TheKey's ATS of choice within a matter of weeks. The ease of plugging this innovative recruitment automation platform into their existing systems played a pivotal role in TheKey's rapid adoption and remarkable outcomes. This streamlined implementation allowed TheKey to quickly leverage the power of our AI-driven chatbots and transform their recruitment process, resulting in significant improvements in efficiency and candidate experience.

This success story underscores the transformative power of technology, particularly AI-driven solutions, in streamlining recruitment processes. By leveraging innovative solutions like Humanly, companies can save valuable time and resources, ultimately enabling them to secure the best talent available for their open positions.

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