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Engage with candidates faster than competition

Immediately follow up with candidates 24/7 with automated screening, scheduling, and next steps. Amplify recruiter impact with our conversational AI assistant.

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How it works

High-volume hiring reimagined with humans at the center.

Let AI handle the hassle of hiring at scale so you can focus on building a great team

Meet candidates where they are 24/7

From intake and scheduling through our AI assistant to take notes, Humanly levels up recruiters and surfaces data to make hiring decisions in one interface.

Push qualified candidates down the funnel

Long hiring processes are the single largest reason candidates leave the hiring pipeline. Reach out immediately to vet, schedule and provide next steps for candidates in a multi-channel conversational interface.

Increase interview show rates and lower time-to-hire

Hiring at scale doesn’t have to mean lower quality engagements. Lead with your brand wherever candidates may be. Use our AI-driven conversational analytics to drive higher quality conversations and address concerns before they grow.

Hiring at scale with Fazoli's

Same-day hiring rate
~2 days
1st touch to interview/hire
increased interview show rates
“In the midst of the toughest employment climate, helped our corporate restaurant managers to engage faster with candidates than the competition. Leading to more same day hires than ever before. I’m excited to expand the use of Humanly Chat inside our onboarding and and off-boarding programs.”

Vickie White

Employment & Risk Manager, Fazoli's Resturants

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