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Monday morning called, your calendar is full of qualified interviews

Quit chasing 100’s of applicants across apps. Screen, schedule, and provide next steps for applicants automatically at scale.

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Keep the conversation going.

Let AI handle the hassle of hiring at scale so you can focus on building a great team

Automatically screen and schedule

Save hours of work per open position while reducing applicant drop-off and no-shows. Automatically vet and schedule your applicants, while answering their questions along the way with our automated AI co-pilot.

Resolve 50% of candidate questions. Instantly.

Humanly's FAQ bot uses sophisticated AI technology to deliver safe, accurate answers that resolve job seeker questions and reduce your teams time spent answering the same questions.

Built-in safeguards ensure your FAQ bot answers questions soley on your content. No misleading answers.

Effectively build culture at scale

Our applicant portals are adaptable to fit your brand. Use employee engagement tools like TINYpulse, Culture Amp, or OfficeVibe? We’ll analyze your existing engagement data to push top culture questions to the chat interface.

Fill positions faster

Humanly supports large employers with metrics like  2x applicant interview show rates and hundreds of hours back. Immediate applicant engagement and next steps means you can get to the heart of the interview process quicker and more reliably.

And automatically sync notes, records, transcripts, and insights with your ATS

Humanly helps Moss Adams level up the experience for our candidates and increases productivity for our recruiting team by automating processes that give us back valuable time. The integration with our ATS was also key to success in our partnership.”

Silke Olsen

Recruiting Director

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