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Monday morning called, your calendar is full of qualified candidates!

Dream of posting a job and having qualified candidates scheduled in days? Streamline hiring to source, attract, screen, schedule, and convert candidates, at scale. Discover our AI-powered end-to-end recruiting powerhouse.


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Why Candidates and Recruiting Teams Love Humanly

Elevate candidate engagement, simplify recruiter workflows

Automate repetitive tasks with Humanly, saving valuable time for both applicants and recruiters. Many of our customers saw a reduction in time-to-hire by up to 75% and others saved over 500,000 minutes annually on scheduling and preliminary phone interviews. Transform your hiring process with efficient automation, and focus more time building relations with top talent.

Ready to reduce your time to hire?

Less busywork, more results

Humanly maximizes your recruiting budget by engaging every candidate in 2-way conversations. Features designed to reduce no-show rates and applicant drop-off, increase resources effectiveness. By saving recruiters up to 75% of their time on repetitive tasks, we help you lower your cost per hire and achieve key metrics faster.

Get better results

Boost efficiency with faster and smarter hiring solutions

Our AI-first recruiting platform augments your existing processes with user-friendly interfaces built for non-technical users. Enhance the candidate experience with a platform that’s easy to use and speeds up execution. Powerful analytics transform every interaction into actionable insights for unmatched recruiting efficiency.

Reimagine your recruiting efficiency

Engage every candidate in a 2-way conversation, at scale

Across millions of hiring interactions, Humanly has maintained an average candidate rating of 4.7/5. Leave a lasting impression and support higher candidate conversation rates with instant responses, personalized messages, brand-forward interfaces, and faster application processes.

Elevate your candidate experience

Powerful Features to Streamline and Optimize Your Recruitment Process

Source smarter across channels  

  • Capture full candidate profile data across channels with our Chrome extension
  • Source from our database of 600 million+ profiles
  • Save all candidate touches via auto-logging and collaborate easily using notes, reminders and team tagging
  • Delegate email permissions to send on behalf of others to ensure high candidate conversion
  • Find the needle in a haystack via AI-matching that gets even better based on your actions and inputs
  • Search and filter features make it easy to find who you want based on your hiring needs

Automate engagement with personalization, for every candidate

  • Automated campaigns and custom messages that get replies based on insights from millions of candidate interactions
  • Engage active candidates 24/7 with brand-forward chatbots that instantly resolve candidate questions
  • Delegate sending and reply permissions on behalf of others in the company, to meet your workflow needs
  • Send interview follow ups, and keep the conversation going to reduce drop-off rates 
  • Our AI functionality automatically detects yes / no responses and gives you the flexibility to determine workflow for follow-up

Move the right candidates down the pipeline, even while you sleep

  • Pre-screen candidates with our conversational AI chatbots and fast-track the most qualified talent to reduce time-to-hire
  • Disqualify poor fit candidates via our automated conversational AI, eliminating hours of manual work per role
  • Custom branded to represent your employer brand, engaging every candidate in 2-way conversations, day or night
  • Trigger ATS actions, like DQing an unqualified candidate, based on screening rules at scale

Efficiently move candidates down the pipeline

  • Reduce back-and-forth with candidates, automatically scheduling top talent
  • Integrate directly with major calendar tools like GCal and Outlook
  • Automated self-scheduling, rescheduling, interviewer selection 
  • Send interview reminders to reduce no-shows and drop-offs

From conversations to conversions: insights that drive improvements

  • Understand where to source, what to say and how you are doing with hiring intelligence
  • Visualize your recruiting funnel from outreach to hire, break it down by sourcer, sender, role type and more
  • Monitor the equity impact of your recruiting efforts with built-in diversity tracking
  • Uncover which sources or recruiters yield the most applicants and evaluate successful campaigns with ease
  • See candidate conversations straight in your ATS, and leverage insights for optimizations
  • Candidate feedback and ratings, captured at the point of interaction to help measure sentiment, and make process improvements
Humanly helps Moss Adams level up the experience for our candidates and increases productivity for our recruiting team by automating processes that give us back valuable time. The integration with our ATS was also key to success in our partnership.”

Silke Olsen

Recruiting Director

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