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A three month rollout set up the top 10 public accounting firm to save 1000's of recruiter hours

The challenge
The outcome

Early in the pandemic, the accounting leader fully pivoted away from their traditional in-person campus recruitment tactics for early career hiring.

Moss Adams extended their touchpoints with 1000's of candidate screenings (50% outside of business hours). Perhaps the best part, applicants rated their experience 4.8/5.

Moss Adams is one of the nations top 15 public accounting firms. In a historically traditional industry and with a track record spanning over 100 years, the organization needed to ensure quality of candidate engagement even while recruiting at scale.

As the pandemic shifted many talent acquisition tactics and the start of a uniquely challenging era for recruiting at scale, Moss Adams sought out Humanly for a pilot program. Moss Adams’ Associate Director of Talent Acquisition, Silke Olsen was behind the move which came from a realization that many of their early career recruitment functions would need an overhaul in a remote-first world. In Silke's words: 

During the 2020 pandemic, how do we efficiently and effectively attract and hire early career talent without the traditional in-person channels available during a campus recruiting season? We pivoted to a 100% virtual hiring experience, thus requiring a tech stack focused on delivering a candidate first experience and hyper efficiencies. Silke Adams, Associate Director of Talent Acquisition, Moss Adams

Easy, intelligent recruitment automation integrated with existing ATS.

Equipped with an easy and intelligent recruiting chatbot, Humanly.io launched a tailor-made solution in a matter of weeks. Over 3 months, Humanly.io connected with thousands of future accounting applicants through a positive candidate experience and integrated into Taleo Enterprise Applicant Tracking System. By screening candidates through mobile friendly conversations, Humanly.io became an instrumental game changer and partner for Moss Adams’ high volume, early career program.

Recruiting automation for professional volume and early career hiring

With ease of integration into their existing systems, Humanly acted as a bridge between where candidates spend their time and the internal team. Automated engagement and screening helped the team to save what is now 1,000's of hours while recruiting at scale. In a competitive segment at the top of accounting firms, Moss Adams was able to move quickly on promising candidates, supporting engagement and vetting whenever candidates were available (often after hours).

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